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Location: /Male/David 3.0
Jepe's Movie Men VIII - Lionel

Jepe's Movie Men VIII - Lionel

Price: $9.95
Merchant: Jepe
File Size: 13.5 MB

Product Code: pojp009
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Product Information

Jepe presents: Lionel JMM PACK VIII for David

With this pack you will get a custom character and 3 complete high-res texture sets for David optimized for Poser5/6.

All textures are created in Photoshop CS2 from photos of a shooting Antonio Rodriguez (ProFotograf) made with a male model June 2006.

There's not one single painted or mirrored pixel on this texture - yes this skin is on the left side a bit different than on the right, two different arms, legs and face halves.

I really had to improve my skills with new applications I had to learn (Maxon's Bodypaint 2.5) to make this texture seamless, so those problem zones are no longer visible, especially the zones between neck/throat and head and between arms and hands.

Face INJ file is combined with custom made morphs for more uniqueness and a human appearance.

!!Note: In order to use the Lionel JMM PACK VIII INJ/REM poses, you must have installed the David Head and Body Morph Pack from !!!

So what's included:

1 high-res body texture with bodyhair 3750px x 5000 px,
1 high-res body texture shaved on chest and abdomen 3750px x 5000 px,
1 high-res body texture cleaned and shaved on chest, abdomen, buttocks and neck (matches only with the 3rd head texture 3750px x 5000 px),

1 high-res face texture with hair, sideburns and chin beard 4000px x 2720 px,
1 high-res face texture with hair, sideburns and without chin beard 4000px x 2720 px,
1 high-res completely shaved facetexture without hair, sideburns and beard 4000px x 2720 px, (matches only with the 3rd body texture 3750px x 5000 px).

8 highres eye textures for realistic rendering of 4 eye colours 1024px x 1024px,
1 genital texture 2000px x 1121px, 1 genital trans texture 2000px x 1121px,
1 teeth texture, 1 trans texture 1024px x 1024px/2000px x 2000px,

10 different character poses for David,

20 P5/P6/ MAT files including seperate body and face MOR INJ and REM poses, face INJ file is combined with custom made face morphs for more uniqueness, 6 all in one MATs (3 with low bump amount for closeup renders, 3 with higher bump amount for distant renders), seperate MATs for 2 faces and eyes. I also included MATs for the D3 gen figure for cut and uncut appearance.

You will need:

1) An AMD, Intel or Mac based personal computer.
2) Poser5 with the latest patch installed or Poser6 (SR3 best).
3) A minimum of 512MB of RAM.
4) A program to unzip files.
5) David, D3 Head and Body Morph Pack from DAZ.
6) If you're on a Mac you need a PC to Mac convertor.
7) Poser 4 .rsr files aren't included in this package.


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