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Be a Beta-Tester

I Would Like to Test Products for PoserAddicts LLC...

Do you fit the requirements?

You have used either Poser or Daz Studio avidly for more than one full year, and know the inner workings of the program better than the average user.  You are expert in setting up scenes, manipulating figures and props, rendering and getting excellent results. You know how to create and package 3D products for reselling. You enjoy playing with new products and pushing them to their limits. (and possibly breaking them)...

If any or all of the above fits you, then you are probably someone that fits our requirements as a Beta Tester.

What do we offer in the way of compensation?

Beta-Testing at PoserAddicts is a position of trust and a special privilege allowed only to very few.  We screen people carefully so that we don't just allow anyone into our Beta-Testing Team, since we also allocate access to the testers to sensitive areas of our servers where testing data is located.  We "pay" our Beta-Testers in the form of the products they have tested, and a final version of the product will be given via the online store system to that Beta-Tester so that they have access to updates etc., for the future. Those who are on the Beta-Testing Team sometimes work out other exchanges between themselves and merchants, for other products their testing merchant makes, and that is a plus between Beta-Tester and Merchant.  Merchants can be assigned testers, or if you are a fan of a particular merchant and wish to test for them in particular, we can assign you to that merchant directly, of course with permission of that merchant.  If you require other products in order to test them we will make them available to you if they are PoserAddicts LLC products.

What is your rendering program of choice and version?

As a Beta-Tester, we won't expect you to use a program you do not know, nor will we force you to learn another one in order to test.  We take your favorite rendering program into consideration as your area of expertise.  If you use more than one version and have experience with the bugs and problems of various other versions, then that is a helpful thing when Beta-Testing.  Testers at PoserAddicts LLC should either test in Poser or Daz Studio.  Testers should have one of the following versions for testing products (lists by rendering product below):

Poser (Smith-Micro)

  • Poser 7
  • Poser Pro (7.0)
  • Poser 8
  • Poser Pro 2010
  • Poser 9
  • Poser Pro 2012

Our only requirement is that you are not just a "user" but more a "power user" and are a very curious and intuitive user of the programs listed above. With Poser, we always test products in Poser 7, as this keeps most products compatible with DS3 and DS4 as well without much tweaking required.  However, Poser 9 and Poser Pro 2012 were just recently released and those who used Poser 8 or Poser Pro 2010 who have migrated to the new system are welcome to join us, and share their knowledge with us.

Daz Studio (Daz3D)

  • Daz Studio 3 Advanced
  • Daz Studio 4 Advanced
  • Daz Studio 4 Advanced Pro (with CC)
  • Reality for Daz Studio 3
  • Reality for Daz Studio 4

Our only requirement is that you are not just a "user" but more a "power user" and are a very curious and intuitive user of the programs listed above.  With Daz Studio, we still test in DS3 but as DS3 is no longer officially supported or updated by Daz3D, we are looking for people who have used DS3 and have migrated to DS4 as it is the future of Daz Studio going forward.

What must I test, and how should I test it?

When a merchant has a new product they place the product into their FTP space /For Testing/ and post an entry in our MANTIS system letting us know that a product is waiting for a tester.  Our Beta-Testers depending on their skillsets will be assigned to merchants and specific tasks.  The merchant may also assign their favorite tester to handle the new product.  You as a Beta-Tester will be setup within our MANTIS system and will have a special login to work with the merchants.  You will only be assigned to merchants who work with your render program, and have a similar skill set for testing.  You as the Beta-Tester can also offer to work with other merchants in one of our partner affiliated stores, on their products, that is up to you.

Testing should be thorough, and should at least make sure that the product doesn't disappoint the customer using it in the same scenario as you or the merchant.  Testing should include a number of things such as bad pathing, incorrect versioning, misspellings and errors, location placement for ease of product use, and documentation, including Store License (EULA).

We have a separate PDF that we make available to our Beta-Testers to help you with what to do when a certain issue arises, and you can also search MANTIS itself for other issues that were handled in the past before, and how they were solved.

How exacting must I be with testing a product?

As stated above, if a pose set is being tested for example, you would check for things like how would the pose look with clothing on, does the figure touch the floor, is the pose properly balanced, if you put hair on the figure then click the pose - does the hair fly off? If you pose the model does the figure revert back to the original default figure and lose all morphs? And so-on and so-on.  Alot of this is normal for a user who has bought products before in the past and such things drove them crazy.  We try to note what has gone wrong in the past and what slipped by other testers and then try to correct them to the best of our ability with the merchant.

One thing we do not do is tell a merchant HOW to make their products.  Its their baby, and we let them run with it, but we do help them by explaining what is actually physically wrong with the product before store release.  Anything we see as a potential reason for a customer to be dissatisfied and to potentially return the product to us, is a reason for concern while testing.

Must a product always support both Poser & Daz Studio requirements?

No.  In the past we tried to ask merchants to support Daz Studio and not just Poser and they either flatly refused or couldn't as they didn't know the other program.  We learned that those who do what they do in their rendering program of choice, do it best with that program and if they want a partner to help them to make the product compatible in the other rendering system, then they can ask for help, or they will partner up with someone in the PoserAddicts LLC family of merchants.  Of course we can also help them if we are skilled in the other render program knowledge set.  But no one MUST make dual compatible products, and as Poser 9 and Poser Pro 2012 have different rigging systems than Daz Studio 4 Advanced, we cannot expect that both are fully supported.  On occasion, some items will be compatible in both.  That will be determined as time goes on and both Daz3D and Smith-Micro shake hands properly and bridge methods are put in place to make products work in the other program.

How do I get started as a Beta-Tester?

A Beta-Tester must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with us, to protect our merchants and our system from internal theft, sabotage and copyright infringments.  In order to get the ball rolling, simply write an email to BetaTesting (at) PoserAddicts (dot) com and tell us about you and your skill sets and we will get you started.

AR & AF - 2011-10-21


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