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Location: /Male/Michael 4.0
Mic for M4

Mic for M4

Price: $12.50 $10.00
Merchant: JSGraphics
File Size: 96.7 MB

Product Code: pojsg005
Quantity: Add to Basket
Product Information

Mic is a photo realistic Caucasian for Michael 4. His morphs were modeled after a real person. Mic renders excellent in all lighting. He is a fun and and is able to adapt to any type of scene easily.

Files Included in the Product:

Mic Eye Base.jpg
Mic Eye Set 1 Hazel.jpg
Mic Eye Set 2 Gold Hazel.jpg
Mic Eye Set 3 Green.jpg
Mic Eye Set 4 Blue.jpg
Mic Eye Set 5 Dark Brown.jpg
Mic Eye Surface.jpg
Mic Eye Trans.jpg
Mic Face Base Bump.jpg
Mic Face Base Spec.jpg
Mic Face Base.jpg
Mic Gen Base Bump.jpg
Mic Gen Base Spec.jpg
Mic Gen Base.jpg
Mic Lashes.jpg
Mic Limbs Base Bump.jpg
Mic Limbs Base Spec.jpg
Mic Limbs Base.jpg
Mic Teeth.jpg
Mic Torso Base Bump.jpg
Mic Torso Base Clothed Blue.jpg
Mic Torso Base Clothed Brown.jpg
Mic Torso Base Clothed Bump.jpg
Mic Torso Base Clothed Green.jpg
Mic Torso Base Clothed Red.jpg
Mic Torso Base Clothed Spec.jpg
Mic Torso Base Clothed Yellow.jpg
Mic Torso Base Clothed.jpg
Mic Torso Base Spec.jpg
Mic Torso Base.jpg

Body - INJ.png
Body - INJ.pz2
Body - REM.png
Body - REM.pz2
Head - INJ.png
Head - INJ.pz2
Head - REM.png
Head - REM.pz2

Mic Eye Set 1 Hazel.png
Mic Eye Set 1 Hazel.pz2
Mic Eye Set 1 Hazel.rsr
Mic Eye Set 2 Gold Hazel.png
Mic Eye Set 2 Gold Hazel.pz2
Mic Eye Set 2 Gold Hazel.rsr
Mic Eye Set 3 Green.png
Mic Eye Set 3 Green.pz2
Mic Eye Set 3 Green.rsr
Mic Eye Set 4 Blue.png
Mic Eye Set 4 Blue.pz2
Mic Eye Set 4 Blue.rsr
Mic Eye Set 5 Dark Brown.png
Mic Eye Set 5 Dark Brown.pz2
Mic Eye Set 5 Dark Brown.rsr
Mic Shorts 1 Blue.png
Mic Shorts 1 Blue.pz2
Mic Shorts 1 Blue.rsr
Mic Shorts 2 Brown.png
Mic Shorts 2 Brown.pz2
Mic Shorts 2 Brown.rsr
Mic Shorts 3 Green.png
Mic Shorts 3 Green.pz2
Mic Shorts 3 Green.rsr
Mic Shorts 4 Red.png
Mic Shorts 4 Red.pz2
Mic Shorts 4 Red.rsr
Mic Shorts 5 Yellow.png
Mic Shorts 5 Yellow.pz2
Mic Shorts 5 Yellow.rsr

Mic Base Default.png
Mic Base Default.pz2
Mic Base Default.rsr
Mic Base Gen.png
Mic Base Gen.pz2
Mic Base Gen.rsr
Mic Eye Set Default.png
Mic Eye Set Default.pz2
Mic Eye Set Default.rsr
Mic No Shorts.png
Mic No Shorts.pz2
Mic No Shorts.rsr
Mic Shorts.png
Mic Shorts.pz2
Mic Shorts.rsr

Product Requirements: PC ONLY Poser 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Pro and Daz Studio 3 Advanced; M4

Thanks to my Testers:

Callad, Darkwish, 76claudia2205, DRAKELOT, drifterlee, Mec4D, Brycek, 1010


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