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Location: /Female/Victoria 4.0
Yon for V4.2

Yon for V4.2

Price: $12.50 $10.00
Merchant: JSGraphics
File Size: 97.8 MB

Product Code: pojsg004
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Product Information

Yon is a photo realistic character for Victoria 4.2. Her morphs were modeled after a real person. She is a fun and and is able to adapt to any type of scene easily.

I hope you enjoy.

Files Included in the Product:

Yon Eye Base.jpg
Yon Eye Set 1 Hazel.jpg
Yon Eye Set 2 Gold Hazel.jpg
Yon Eye Set 3 Green.jpg
Yon Eye Set 4 Blue.jpg
Yon Eye Set 5 Dark Brown.jpg
Yon Eye Shadow 1 Copper.jpg
Yon Eye Shadow 2 Bone.jpg
Yon Eye Shadow 3 Birch.jpg
Yon Eye Shadow 4 Silver.jpg
Yon Eye Shadow 5 Deep Blue.jpg
Yon Eye Surface.jpg
Yon Eye Trans.jpg
Yon Face Base.jpg
Yon Face Bump.jpg
Yon Face Spec.jpg
Yon Lashes.jpg
Yon Limbs Base.jpg
Yon Limbs Bump.jpg
Yon Limbs Spec.jpg
Yon Lipstick 1 Peach.jpg
Yon Lipstick 2 Red.jpg
Yon Lipstick 3 Coral.jpg
Yon Lipstick 4 Champagne.jpg
Yon Lipstick 5 Pink.jpg
Yon Nail Polish 1 Copper.jpg
Yon Nail Polish 2 Bone.jpg
Yon Nail Polish 3 Birch.jpg
Yon Nail Polish 4 Silver.jpg
Yon Nail Polish 5 Deep Blue.jpg
Yon Teeth.jpg
Yon Torso Base.jpg
Yon Torso Bump.jpg
Yon Torso Spec.jpg

Body - INJ.png
Body - INJ.pz2
Body - REM.png
Body - REM.pz2
Head - INJ.png
Head - INJ.pz2
Head - REM.png
Head - REM.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\JSGraphics\Yon\Mats\Make Up\
Eye Set 1 Hazel.png
Eye Set 1 Hazel.pz2
Eye Set 2 Gold Hazel.png
Eye Set 2 Gold Hazel.pz2
Eye Set 3 Green.png
Eye Set 3 Green.pz2
Eye Set 4 Blue.png
Eye Set 4 Blue.pz2
Eye Set 5 Dark Brown.png
Eye Set 5 Dark Brown.pz2
Eye Shadow 1 Copper.png
Eye Shadow 1 Copper.pz2
Eye Shadow 2 Bone.png
Eye Shadow 2 Bone.pz2
Eye Shadow 3 Birch.png
Eye Shadow 3 Birch.pz2
Eye Shadow 4 Silver.png
Eye Shadow 4 Silver.pz2
Eye Shadow 5 Deep Blue.png
Eye Shadow 5 Deep Blue.pz2
Lipstick 1 Peach.png
Lipstick 1 Peach.pz2
Lipstick 2 Red.png
Lipstick 2 Red.pz2
Lipstick 3 Coral.png
Lipstick 3 Coral.pz2
Lipstick 4 Champagne.png
Lipstick 4 Champagne.pz2
Lipstick 5 Pink.png
Lipstick 5 Pink.pz2
Nail Polish 1 Copper.png
Nail Polish 1 Copper.pz2
Nail Polish 2 Bone.png
Nail Polish 2 Bone.pz2
Nail Polish 3 Birch.png
Nail Polish 3 Birch.pz2
Nail Polish 4 Silver.png
Nail Polish 4 Silver.pz2
Nail Polish 5 Deep Blue.png
Nail Polish 5 Deep Blue.pz2

Body Default.png
Body Defult.pz2
Eye Set Default.png
Eye Set Default.pz2
Eye Shadow Default.png
Eye Shadow Default.pz2
Lipstick Default.png
Lipstick Default.pz2
Nail Polish Default.png
Nail Polish Default.pz2

Product Requirements: Victoria 4.2, V4.2 ++ Morphs, V4.2 Base Morphs, V4.2 Elite Morphs


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