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Forbidden Whispers Magazine Issue 003

Forbidden Whispers Magazine Issue 003

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Forbidden Whispers Magazine Issue 003

Welcome to the third issue of the Forbidden Whispers Magazine. After some long thinking,and discussions we have decided to change the genres of the magazine as we felt this was hampering our efforts, and was also limiting the type of work that we can showcase for you. Along with a new change of theme, comes a new style of layout. We’re still trying to find that perfect layout which we’re happy with and we think we’re nearly there. So what’s in this issue you ask?

We have worked even harder for you this issue to bring you some of the best art, from some of the most talented artists working today. We hope that we can build on this issue and bring to you even more of the same within the next, anyway lets see what we have.

We have a number of interviews in this issue, were we hope to give you a little insight into the world of some of our featured artists. Amongst all of this we have an interview with our cover artist Sabastien Sonet. He tells us "My creatures are part of me. I believe in them, and I try to make people believe too." Find out more in his interview. Other artist interviews include Team Dystopia member Francesco Navarro who talk to us about their 'Dystopia Project'. Other interviews include Melanie Delon, George Patsouras, Pascal Blanche and Katherine Robinson.

We take a closer look at the work of 3 artists within this issue, firstly we talk to Josh Grafton, and discuss the Angels Fall First project he is working on. Also featured are french artist Alexandra Bach, and also Joseph J Mauricio.

In our Workshop we showcase a walkthrough by Melanie Delon as she takes us step by step through her haunting painting ‘Lya’. Concept artist Bryan Norton, talks digital colouring. And Neil Jary takes us through his image 'Wet Work'.


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