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Materials Revolution II

Materials Revolution II

Price: $8.95 $3.58
Merchant: Yanelis3D
File Size: 1.1 MB

Product Code: poy3d012
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Product Information

Materials Revolution II

© 2008, Yanelis3D 

This is a set of 82 carefully created "Material Shaders". There are infinite numbers of possibilities with these shaders. They are easy to customize and you can create even more shaders. This product does not contain any additional textures. These were created with the own Poser generated 3d textures. Each material file is configured with edge blends, blinn, anisotropics, glossy, phong's, etc.

These materials where created in Poser Pro 7.2, limited compatibility for Poser 5 and Poser 6 users. These materials can be used in any object surface like: clothing, walls, floors, objects, rocks (there are some shaders made specific for rocks (any rock)).

This product does not work in Daz Studio because their material room is not the same as Poser 5 +.

Usage Tips or Limitations:
This product does not work in Daz Studio because their material room is not the same as Poser 5 +.

You can change the colors/ add more nodes/ add ambient occlusion/ adjust bumps/ add your own 2d textures/

You may not redistribute this product in whole in any way. You can not save this file in a shared folder available for Peer2Peer downloads or host it in another site to give away for free.

You can take reference of the shaders to create your own for distribution free or for sale. But the shader included can't be the same as included in this pack. This pack includes very strict dials that can be easily recognized if you redistribute this shader.


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