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Captain Black's Finery

Captain Black's Finery

Price: $9.95 $3.98
Merchant: Fisty
File Size: 37.8 MB

Product Code: pofst002
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Product Information

Captain Black's Finery

for Captain Black by Royloo

This package contains the following: Five distinct styles for the Captain Black outfit, including five colors of the 'striped' variation, and a grey 'add you own diffuse' version. All 'striped' variation shirts and the grey shirt include an optional design overly that utilizes the diffuse strength channel and one additional bump map to create a fancier looking shirt. It functions the same in Poser and D|S. Three plain leather boot variations, each with the option to not use the cuff. (It is more complicated than just turning the cuff invisible with these boots.) I made the grey version so that you could add your own diffuse color to whatever parts you like and still end up with something that looks like cloth, it is very similar to the 'striped' variation shirts but because of way the material zones are laid out on the shirt it is impossible to achieve the same results - thus why I made so many colors of the 'striped' version.


  • 39 Mat poses for Poser 5-7
  • 39 Mat poses for Daz Studio
  • 18 - 2000x2000 Texture maps
  • 12 - 1200x1200 Texture maps
  • 9 - 2000x2000 Bump maps
  • 5 - 1200x1200 Bump maps
  • 4 - 2000x2000 Specular maps
  • 1 - 1200x1200 Specular Map
  • 1 - 2000x2000 Displacement map
  • 1 - 1200x1200 Displacement map
  • 1 - 2000x2000 Alternate Diffuse map
  • 1 - 1200x1200 Transparency map
  • Required Products (all available here at PoserAddicts):

    Captain Black for Victoria 4
    Captain Black for Victoria 3
    Captain Black for Aiko 3
    Captain Black for Michael 3
    Captain Black for Stephanie Petite 3
    Captain Black for David 3 (or Hiro to David)

    Additional Notes:

    Daz Studio users - the Poser matfiles will work in D|S, however the D|S matfiles will look 100 times better, please use them. Make sure you have 'render displacement maps' turned on in your render settings for the metal belt end and cuffless boots to render properly.


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